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FA-BK0857 Balloon Aqua Cotton Interlock

FA-BK0857 Balloon Aqua Cotton Interlock


100% Cotton Knit Interlock - 60 inches wide. .  Exclusive Patsy Aiken Designs color: knit in North Carolina.  Gorgeous shade of pastel aqua.

Interlock Knit is a wonderful, easy to sew knit that drapes well and is more stable than other types of knits.  Patsy Aiken Interlock is recognized for its high quality hand and body, 12.3 oz per square yard, and considered among the highest quality on the market.  It washes exceptionally well, is color fast, does not pill, and looks wonderful right out of the dryer.  The weight of the fabric is suitable for both top and many bottom styles, shirrs well, stays flat, does not have a nap, can be used on either side and is easy to monogram or embroiderer.  It stretches across the grain 25%-35%.  You will love this fabric!

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