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The Dance of Life, and All That Other Stuff!

It was my birthday last week, and Joel gave me the sweetest book.  He knows how much I love inspirational sayings, and this book, was special.  Before he bought it, he came across this quote that seems to speak to us right now.  


"The moment in between what you once were,
and who you are now becoming,

is where the dance of life really takes place."  

 (Barbara de Angelis)   

This week is officially the last week of Patsy Aiken Designs and Chez Ami, as it exists today...36 years of designing, manufacturing, and selling apparel to dress the special children in your lives, and ours.  It has been inspirational, emotional, and full of wonderful memories.  There is only one more day to order our garments. Really!  There is a moment in time when you have to say, we got all we could get done on the 'list' and it's going to be OK!


We will be offering years of fabulous
children's patterns; patterns that have performed
the test of time, fit,
and durability, in digital, consumer
friendly format. In addition, our
more than 2000 embroideries,
will be available to 
download in all formats, so that
you can truly create the look.


Thank you for all the enthusiasm, the memories and the photos.  Visit our Pattern and Embroidery site when you get a chance ~ create the look you loved for your children!

Patsy and Joel 

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